The Tyranny of Overchoice

Peace on a 24/7 Earth

Or at least, can we have peace in our lives, in our homes, in our crazy daily busyness? How about peace for our stress and anxiety? Peace for our struggle to always be “on,” to be available 24/7 to everyone, to be on display to the world in ways people never were just a decade ago?

Does Jesus have anything to say to that as we focus on something that happened 2000 years ago?

This Week: The Tyranny of Overchoice

Stress levels among Americans are at an all time high, and they correlate strongly with what was dubbed almost 50 years ago as “overchoice.” Fifty years ago, they had no idea. We seem to believe that our happiness, fulfillment, purpose, potential, and value as a person all rest on whether or not we make the right choices. But there are so many. How does Jesus’ birth bring us to the One who can help us make sense of our need to choose, yet our need to let go? How can we make him our best, first choice?