We are the Music Makers, the Dreamers of Dreams

The Family Business—How Our Work Is God’s Work
Michael Frost says that, “Our personal sense of mission involves what we do for a living just as much as what we do for our church. We earn money at our jobs—but our primary motivation is to do our work as an expression of our relationship with God.” Christians have been guilty of dividing work into sacred and secular—as if only what the preachers and missionaries do for a living matters. But the truth is, what you do matters, no matter what it is, if you do it as a mission. How can our work be God’s work? How can we work out our relationship with him out in our daily jobs? (No, it does not mean cornering our co-workers and making them listen to the four spiritual laws.) What attributes and activities of God do we, as his children, focus on so we can work faithfully in His family business?
 This week, how do we join God in the work of building and creating? Every day, right where we are?

“The ability to work is a gift and a sacred practice. Work is an opportunity to worship, as we join God in the everyday invitation to represent Him.”