Discussion Summary

Relationship Killers
God made humans to be in relationships—he said right away that it wasn’t good for people to be alone. But relationships are hard. Messy. Stressful. Also, they’re potentially the best things about life. God intends for our relationships to show his image to others around us, to let others in on the reality that good relationships come from knowing the creator of them. He wants us to bear his image together in this world. That takes the hard work of making relationships good ones. 
What things kill relationships? What gets into the cracks and rips them apart—slowly, sneakily, unnoticed, and untended? How can we guard against these quiet killers? Let’s talk about it at Resolution this month. As we talk about new goals and new intentions, there is no better place to start than our relationships.
This week, discussion of what we’ve learned so far.