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Keep Up

How To Do (Almost) Anything explores your questions on how to handle tricky aspects of life from a biblical worldview. We’re going to take one topic each month this fall and look at it from a few angles. For September–how do we know the will of God when we have to make decisions? Big decisions, small…


We continue our Everyday heroes series this week with Tabitha/Dorcas. Do you know who she is? If not, that’s why she’s in this series! We’ll be doing something a little . . . unusual . . . with her, too!

Bold Vision

What’s your vision for the future? You’ve probably got a vision for your career. Your family. Your health even, maybe. What about your soul? What do you want that to look like if you took a “soul selfie” in ten years? Hebrews 12.

Bold Hope Part 2

This Sunday, we continue our series in Hebrews. We talked last week about people of great faith in Biblical history. What made them different? What was that Bold Hope that drove them? Do we long for a good reputation among people with with God, and what does that look like?