Sermons (Page 2)

The Way of the Exile

Turning Down the Noise: Staying Faithful in Digital Babylon How do we filter, hear clearly, learn wisdom when it comes to the bombardment of the digital world? How does it affect our faith, particularly the faith of the next generation? What are the keys to keeping our faith in overloaded, challenging  times?

Resetting the Default

Relationships. How do we navigate the tricky ones? When do we hang on, and when do we let go? What’s the difference between a salvageable relationship and a toxic one? Enabling versus sacrificial love? Forgiving and/or forgetting?

Keep Up

How To Do (Almost) Anything explores your questions on how to handle tricky aspects of life from a biblical worldview. We’re going to take one topic each month this fall and look at it from a few angles. For September–how do we know the will of God when we have to make decisions? Big decisions, small…