Worship Gatherings



RESOLUTION worships the way it lives—with its whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. We believe the gathering of our community on a Sunday morning is the best part of a week. It’s not a time for us, though—it’s a time to focus on what we can bring to God and to his people.

Our worship is contemporary. We praise and thank God with today’s music and vocabulary. With that, we remember that history has given us deep roots, and we are grateful for those expressions as well.

Our worship is varied. We sing, pray, talk, tell stories, and listen. We use our minds and our hearts and all our senses to thank God for all He has done.

Our worship is participatory—the pastor just might ask you a question or set you to solve a problem on a Sunday morning. But don’t worry—no one is put on the spot, and introverts are welcome to listen and process. We believe that the pastor doesn’t know all the answers—but God gave us each other to sharpen one another and help one another grow deeper in knowing and loving him. Church isn’t just for listening—it’s for training for mission.

Our worship is relevant and welcoming for families, young adults, singles, and students. While the adults enjoy an engaging worship experience, the children are having fun only a few steps away with some of the most creative programming today. Everyone is welcome here, no pressure or questions.

Our worship is real. Our Bible based messages are communicated with a passion for helping people achieve real life change. We hope to inspire you to make greater impact in your community and the world. We truly believe that God’s best is ahead of you and He has a purpose for your life.

So whatever your religious background, we invite you to come and experience this different kind of church and explore Christianity at your own pace.