Packing Well

Your family is on vacation. You set out one day to enjoy your surroundings. But soon you’re in trouble. One person wants to know why you’re going to a boring museum. One wants to take a different road to see where it leads. Another didn’t even want to take a vacation by the ocean—she wanted a dude ranch.

If this sounds like a nightmare, you’re correct. But what if your church was a lot like your vacation? What if everyone in the family doesn’t know where you’re going, why you’re going there, or how you’re planning to get there? What if they all have unspoken ideas about what the answers should be, and they’re all acting on those, like the family going off to five different attractions and not vacationing together at all?

What is the message, mission, and vision of Resolution Church? Are we all seeing it together? Let’s take some time this fall to make sure we’re together on this epic Road Trip called life in Christ.