Sermons from February 2020

#Blessed Part 2

Well, we’re not quite finished with Abraham’s story. There’s  more to this story of Abraham and Hagar. What happens to her when he refuses to bless her, as God has called him to do? What happens to him? What are the ramifications for us? And how on earth is God going to get this world blessed through…


Up this week–the Abraham Story. The whole thing. He, and his rather dysfunctional family, have a few things to teach us about the Bible and its purpose–to help us know God and ourselves better. So your assignment–read Genesis 12-23.

Stay In Your Lane

What was God’s motive in giving us the Scriptures? We might know a lot about what happens in them and where and when. But how much do we know about the why? We’re taking some time this year to go through the Bible. Yes, we’re going to learn some history, because knowing what people did…