Sermons from May 2015

Living a Questionable Life | Eat With Others

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend. We are gearing up for another great Sunday at Resolution. Tomorrow we continue our series Living a Questionable Life by looking at another missional habit: Eating With Others. If we’re truly going to live questionable lives we will most likely have to change our eating habits, and…

Living a Questionable Life | Blessing Others

Most people like the idea of living on mission with and for God, but don’t really think that it is for them. What if mission was for everyone? What if all followers of Christ saw themselves as missionaries in their neighborhoods, workplaces and everyday lives? In this series we will explore five missional habits that…

Weaklings | A Cloud of Weaklings

The Bible is full of stories about people who failed, struggled and messed up and yet were remembered, not for their failures, but for their faithful witness. We’ll look at some of these spiritual heroes and consider how we can shift from pursuing success to pursuing faithfulness, even in the midst of our weaknesses.