Sermons by Jill Richardson

The Life-Changing Magic of Clearing Up

We’re starting something new–or perhaps something thousands of years old. It’s Advent, and we’re going to look at some of the Scriptures that foretold Jesus’ coming and purpose. We’ll start out preparing the way for him–in our hearts, homes, and worlds. Is the way for Jesus clear? Do we need to take a look at […]

Moving the Needle

God has given us the duty, privilege and joy to continue the restoration he began on the cross. This restoration is for us as individuals and for our world. But sometimes, we work at it backwards. (Hint–“work” is the wrong way to look at it!) Let’s look at the power of God’s redemption for us and our […]

Are You My Father?

We’re in our fifth week (the penultimate week!) of taking apart our mission and deciding where we’re all headed on this trip together. What is the message, mission, and vision of Resolution Church? Are we all seeing it together? Let’s take some time this fall to make sure we’re together on this epic Road Trip called […]