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Sermons (Page 11)

Good Family Genes

Can I Check Your ID? What does God say will identify his people? How does our identity in Jesus mark our role in this world? How can living into our true identity give us solid footing when life’s decisions are overwhelming?

If we are resurrection people, we should live differently. That’s not simply in a moral sense but in an attitude toward life that is unflinchingly trusting, because we know the other side of the tomb is empty. This week–Jesus enables us to Choose the Power We’ll Live In. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Advent | Waiting, Anticipating and Expecting

Have you ever noticed how quickly we rush into Christmas? As soon as trick-or-treat is over the Christmas stuff goes on sale, the Starbucks cups turn red and radio stations start playing Bing Crosby. Yet, for centuries Christians have approached Christmas more carefully and slowly. They call this season “Advent.” Advent is the season where […]