At Resolution, we believe there is nothing more important than the mission of the kingdom of God, expressed through the local church. We take this mission seriously, and we invite others to make it their life mission as well.

Because of this, we stress connection and not membership. To us, being part of a church is much more than a name on a list. Being part of Resolution Church means active involvement in the life of the church through the 3 G’s:


Regular participation in our weekly worship, where the church gathers together to lift up the name of Jesus and be inspired and challenged to go, live, tell, and do the good news of Jesus!


Doing life together with a smaller band of people (we call them Villages) on a bi-weekly basis. These groups eat, study, serve, and pray with one another. We also grow in Discipleship Partner groups of 2-3 where we study Scripture, hold one another accountable for decisions and commitments, and pray for others.


Reaching out and engaging individuals and the culture with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. We believe this happens through witness (sharing our individual stories of God’s redemptive activity in our lives) and service (meeting physical needs in our community and world).

Worship Gatherings

Gather RESOLUTION worships the way it lives—with its whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. We believe the gathering of our community on a Sunday morning is the best part of a week. It’s not a time for us, though—it’s a time to focus on what we can bring to God and to his people. Our…