Kendall Point
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Sundays @ 10 AM

Resolution Church’s mission is to help people far from God discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.



Peace on a 24/7 Earth

Or at least, can we have peace in our lives, in our homes, in our crazy daily busyness? How about peace for our stress and anxiety? Peace for our struggle to always be “on,” to be available 24/7 to everyone, to be on display to the world in ways people never were just a decade ago?

Does Jesus have anything to say to that as we focus on something that happened 2000 years ago?

Yes, he does. He was, after all, called the Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace. Those are universal titles with historical and future significance, but they mean something for us, too, in our daily lives. Jesus actually offers the only lasting and meaningful answer to our never stopping, 24/7 lives. Come discover it this December, 10am.


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